Blue Wave Natural Foods


Blue Wave offers the community healthy, natural & organic food options with an emphasis on quality.

Blue Wave researches and carries products from companies that hold high ethical standards regarding environment, treatment of animals and the support of non-GMO products.

Blue Wave commits to pertinent, up to date information on alternative healing methods -- specializing in whole foods, diet options, digestive wellness, and body detoxification.

Tanya's Background

Exercise Physiology ~ 1986

Massage School ~ 1992

Skin Care School ~ 1999

CHT School ~ 2003

Owner: Mountain Sanctuary Holistic Spa ~ 1998 - 2005

Certifications and/or licenses in: Lymphatic, Cranial Essential Oils, Yoga Teacher Training, Nutritional Counsel

Owner: Blue Wave I 2003 - 2007

Owner: Blue Wave II: 2011 - present


Blue Wave's Promise

Blue Wave provides a safe, respectful environment to each customer.

All consultations respect your privacy.

Write: for appointments and consultations.